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May 2019


Growing up in Berlin and sneaking into the city’s genre-defining Techno clubs such as Tresor (way before she was legally allowed to) was what initially sparked off Meggy’s musical career.Apart from the Techno sound of the Nineties and early 2000s as her initial influence, Meggy always had a love for what she herself calls ‘cheesy’ American R&B and also for singing. Her vocal training focussed on R&B and Soul.Combining elements of her musical background, Meggy’s style developed into a House sound with a passion for melodies and vocals and she would on occasion grab the mic and sing on top of her DJ sets. Her vocal talent did not go unnoticed and studio collaborations with David Keno, Channel X, Ruede Haegelstein, and Suol’s Till Von Sein ensued.

In Suol, Meggy has found the perfect home for her sound as bringing Deep House, R&B and classic songwriting together is one of the label’s specialties. 2016 saw the release of “Brix” on the “Suol Summer Daze” compilation as well as her latest solo offering, the “Two Thirteen EP”. And with a debut album already in the works we can expect even bigger things from this multi- talented lady who is making her Australian debut in May.