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Untitled Group team up with Caroline Australia to launch ‘Daily Nightly’ record label
October 8, 2018

Untitled Group, also known as the team behind Beyond The Valley festival, has today announced the launch of a brand new record label in partnership with Caroline Australia, Daily Nightly.

Named after the 1967 track from The Monkee‘s Michael Nesmith, the new label is adopting the boundary-pushing ethos of the tune while also complimenting Untitled’s sterling reputation for musical events.

“Coming across so much amazing talent while curating our festivals, you can’t book the same act for every event and sometimes booking them may not be possible,” label director Filippo Palermo told TMN.

“Developing and promoting their recorded music is another way we’re able to support artists we believe in and in turn wish to have perform at one of our events.

“The label will have a focus on complimenting the music we promote with unique bespoke live performance from our artists that only our group can offer.”

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