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Live Review: Lost Picnic’s Melbourne debut sizzled with great weather & a fun family atmosphere
October 10, 2018

The first iteration of Lost Picnic in Melbourne was greeted by a sunny day throughout Sunday afternoon in Flemington. The festival, cultivated around the idea of a loungey picnic with friends, good music and tasty food, would have been seen as a veritable success as thousands poured through the gates to enjoy the day.

The line-up for the day was something that both allowed people to get up and have a dance as well as have a relax on their blanket if they wished, with acts Tash Sultana and Meg Mac being joined by Marlon Williams, Hot Potato Band, Odette and Big Words. These amazing artists were coupled throughout the day by a circus tent, wandering actors, visual displays and a line of food truck that would have kept even the pickiest of eaters happy.

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